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9/9/2019 | Svetik Sambell | Svetik's Bridal & Fashion Boutique -- If you have not worked yet with Manish and searching for great Photographer to Photograph your special day or event, contact this warm-hearted hard working professional. You will benefit from multiple points by hiring him. Manish is incredibly good at taking random pictures, capturing best looks. Rare gift! Manish took pictures of my Runway show with Phoenix Fashion Week on October 19, 2018 when I showcase Svetik's Haute Couture Bridal and High Fashion collection. He is very gifted Photographer with incredible talent of capturing fantastic images while people move, especially walking the Runways. Manish putting everyone at ease and getting people to smile genuinely. The photography of my Svetik's Bridal & Fashion Boutique that he took at our Grand Opening ceremony and Runway show on our Runway at the boutique are absolutely stunning!! His photography is always so beautiful and each single moment is captured just perfectly. Do yourself a big favor, reaching out to Manish.